Masters in Health Education Scholarships

No matter what your field, getting a master’s degree can mean that you qualify for better jobs with higher pay rates and more responsibility. This is true in the medical field, but your options aren’t limited to degrees in medical care or health administration. If you love teaching others what you know, a masters in health education might be the perfect educational choice for you.

Unfortunately, a master’s degree doesn’t come cheap. Online college is a great option, since costs are typically lower, but whether you go to school online or through a traditional campus college, you could end up needing thousands of dollars to pay for school. Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for college, because you don’t have to repay the amount when you’re done with school, like you do with student loans.

When you’re considering a master’s degree, you want to look not just for scholarships, but also for “fellowships.” There are fewer scholarships available for master’s degree students, but in many cases, fellowships work the same way – they are given to students based on merit. Some fellowships may require you to put in time as a teacher or research assistant, while others are given to fund very specific student projects. As a master’s degree candidate, you should look at all of the scholarships and fellowships available.

Start by contacting your school’s financial aid office to learn about scholarship and fellowship options. Many health education departments have scholarship funds set aside for their most promising students. In addition, some colleges offer general scholarships for all students.

You can also look for scholarships from outside organizations such as government departments, companies, community organizations, and foundations. Some offer general scholarships available regardless of program of study. Others specifically fund students studying in a certain field. The following groups offer scholarships and fellowships to students in health- or education-related fields:

  • Association of School of Allied Health Professionals
  • Tylenol
  • National Health Service Corps
  • O.C. Hubert Charitable Trust, CDC Foundation
  • Pfizer
  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship
  • Society for Public Health Education
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Coca-Cola
  • AFT Robert G Porter Scholars Program
  • Zeta Phi Beta

Of course, this isn’t a complete list; there are literally thousands of scholarships for those studying in health and educational fields, since workers in these two fields are in such high demand. Along with scholarships, you can also learn more about loan repayment and tuition reimbursement programs, which could be available for you from the government or your employer. These programs, which require you to work in a high-need area or work for a certain company, could help cover the cost of your student loans, so even the education that wasn’t covered by scholarships could ultimatly be free!

Top Masters of Health Education and Admin Programs

Boston University
MS in Health Communication
Boston University — The Boston University online Master of Science in Health Communication program is designed to educate the future generation of health communicators through a dynamic curriculum that examines current healthcare issues. The program gives students a world class education in the art of communicating health literacy.
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Kaplan University
MPH in Health Education
MSN in Nurse Educator
Kaplan University — The Kaplan University Master's of Public Health provides students the knowledge to succeed in governmental, nonprofit, and private healthcare organizations. Within this MPH program, the Health Education specialty teaches the art of communicating health issues to diverse communities, along with the fundamentals of health policy development and healthcare law.
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Northeastern University
MBA in Healthcare Mgmt
Northeastern University — The Healthcare MBA from Northeastern University examines the US healthcare industry in a business context. The program surveys the growth of the industry from its birth as an institutional system to its current form of managed care. Courses analyze the business of healthcare, and include strategic decision making, environmental analysis, strategic formulation, and strategy implementation.
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Benedictine University
MPH in Health Education
Benedictine University — The MPH in Education & Promotion program at Benedictine University provides advanced education for individuals engaged in health departments, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, employee assistance programs, voluntary organizations, and social service agencies. Courses include Environmental Health, Health Policy, and Methods of Research in Public Health.
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Capella University
MS in Health Administration
Capella University — The Capella University MS in Health Administration is an online program that prepares students to excel in healthcare management. Courses include health care management, managed care, policy, law, finance, quality improvement. Students have the option to concentrate in Fire Service Administration, Homeland Security, Public Administration, and Public Health.
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Ohio University
General MHA
Ohio University — At Ohio University's online Master's of Health Administration program, students can attend a world class institution and earn a degree targeted to their field that will advance their career at a convenient self-defined pace. Career options include hospital administration, systems administration, or clinical administration.
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George Washington University
MBA in Healthcare
George Washington University — The George Washington University MBA in Healthcare prepares the student for a new or continuing career in healthcare management. The two year degree program includes a traditional MBA curriculum infused with healthcare electives including Management of Acute Care Hospitals and Physician Practice Management.
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New England College
MS in Healthcare Mgmt
New England College — The New England College MS in Healthcare Management teaches leadership skills to individuals that will shape the future of the healthcare industry. Healthcare leaders instruct students on a wide ranging curriculum, both online and in-class. The program is unique for its focus on the New Hampshire healthcare system.
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