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by admin on March 10, 2010

Are you looking forward to a career in health or medicine? If so, it can help to read blogs and get a feel for what is available. There are a number of health education and medical information blogs out there. These blogs look at medical education, address different possibilities in the health care field and discuss policy issues. You might be surprised at the number of possibilities there are. Here are 50 of the top health and medical education blogs.

Medical Education and Medical School Blogs

medical schoolLearn about different opportunities in medical education, and read about what different medical schools have to offer.

  1. Medical Education Futures Study Blog: Looks at policy issues and other subjects likely to affect medical students in the future.
  2. The Medical Education Campus Library: This is the blog of the medical education library at Northern Virginia Community College. Offers helpful tips, and career helps.
  3. The Medical Education Blog: Studies different aspects of medical education — from the perspective of a med student in India.
  4. The Long Road to Medical School: Get a firsthand account of going through medical school, as well as insight into medical education.
  5. Ah Yes, Medical School: Follow the exploits of a med school student, working on residency.
  6. Medical Education Blog: The University of Saskatchewan has a medical school blog that offers tips, information and study helps for students.
  7. YJHM Blog: This is the blog associated with the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. Offers a look at medical school, and the issues you’ll face when you are done.
  8. harvardocs: This is a blog aimed at students heading into health and medical professions via Harvard.
  9. The Differential: Offers perspectives from medical students in highly ranked medical schools around the world.
  10. The BACCHUS Blog: Aimed at students interested in health and medical education, providing helpful information and discussions on a variety of topics.

Health Administration and Policy

Doctors and health policyYou don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to be involved in health care. Indeed, you can make a good salary with a health education degree. Here are some blogs on health administration and policy.

  1. Medical Humanities Blog: Looks at policies surrounding health, and offers insight into ethics and other questions related to health and medicine.
  2. Literature, Arts and Medicine: Takes an interdisciplinary approach to medicine and health care.
  3. Health Care Law Blog: Consider the law end of health care with this blog about policy and law.
  4. HealthLawProf Blog: Get an inside look at health care law, and specializing in health law from a professor who is knowledgeable on the subject.
  5. Health Policy and Communications Blog: Learn about how you can be a health policy maker.
  6. Masters in Health Care: Offers a rundown of different options with regard to getting a masters in health care administration.
  7. Let’s Talk Health Care: Learn about health policy and administration from Harvard Pilgrim.

Nursing Education

nursing degreeThere are a number of programs that nurses can go through to enhance their skills. Here are some blogs about nursing education.

  1. The Nursing School: Read about different programs, opportunities and career hints on this blog.
  2. Nurse PhD’s Blog: Learn more about advanced nursing and education from this nurse educator.
  3. Nursing Programs: Get an idea of nursing programs available, as well as challenges that students face now and in the future.
  4. The National Nurse: Keep up with the latest information in nursing, nursing education and health care with this blog.
  5. My Nursing Degree: Consider different options in nursing, and read about different nursing degrees, as well as issues in health education and careers.
  6. Cheryl Parker RN PhD’s blog: Keep up with the latest news and advancements in nursing, and learn about how you can improve your education and your career.

Pharmacy Education and Policy

pharmacy educationYou can be a pharmacist and still enjoy a rewarding career in health care. Read these blogs to find out more about pharmacy education and read up on policy issues.

  1. DrugWonks: A must-read focusing on pharma, policy, business and education.
  2. The *Angriest* Pharmacist: Offers insight into being a pharmacist, and even offers occasional nuggets of wisdom aimed at pharmacy students.
  3. Blog: Focuses on information about pharmacy education, as well as helpful hints on getting into — and surviving — pharmacy school.
  4. UB School of Pharmacy: Read a number of blog posts on pharmacy education, student survival and career from the University of Buffalo’s pharmacy program.
  5. U.S. PharmD: Explore different pharmacy education options, including pharmacology and the programs available.
  6. A day at the pharmacy: This blog is written from a U.K. perspective, and offers insight into careers, education and policy.

Psychology and Psychiatry

Sigmund FreudIf you are interested in mental health, you might do well to consider psychology and psychiatry. These fields offer interesting opportunities. The following blogs look at mental health education.

  1. World of Psychology: This blog on PsychCentral offers insight into policy, education and career.
  2. School Psychologist Blog Files: Learn about being a school psychologist, and what you need in terms of education to get there.
  3. Laura’s Psychology Blog: This psychology professor muses about topics of psychology, education and mental health.
  4. Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look: Critiques education and professionalism in clinical psychology and psychiatry.
  5. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: This blog looks at medical and health education, especially as it relates to psychiatry.

Nutrition and Diet

healthy foodYou can be a dietitian or a nutritionist, and help others live healthier lives. These blogs address education in this field.

  1. Health and Nutrition by Dr. Michael R. Eades, M.D.: This is a great resource for students, as it looks as nutritional science.
  2. Today’s Dietitian: Keep up with what is happening in the world of nutrition today.
  3. Diary of a Mad Dietitian: Follow the adventures of thies RD, working to improve nutrition education.
  4. Nutrition Education Project: Learn more about efforts to increase nutrition education, and learn about public health policy.
  5. The Provocative Nutrition Blog: Get news and information on nutrition education.

Medical Technology

medical technologyIt is possible to be involved in health and medicine in technology fields. Here are some good blogs about med tech education.

  1. Get an inside view of tech and IT for medics.
  2. Spread the Word: A Medical Technology Student’s Perspective: Healthcare POV offers this look at education in med tech.
  3. Dave’s Places in Radiology: This blog is aimed at radiology students and professionals.
  4. Topics in Radiography: A look at health care education, tips for students and professionals, and considerations of policy.
  5. X Ray Technician Blog: Learn about being an x-ray technician, and look at education and training in imaging.
  6. A Radiology Geek’s Blog: Tools, tips and education related to radiology.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine

alternative medicineThere are a number of alternative and complementary fields that can be considered health professions.

  1. Acupuncture Today: Learn more about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.
  2. Chiropractic Student: Find out about what it’s like to get an education in chiropractic.
  3. Holly Clarke’s Blog: Studies education in chiropractic from the perspective of a student.
  4. Discovering Naturopathy…a Student’s Perspective: You can learn more about become a naturopathic doctor, and the education and training required.
  5. National Holistic Institute Blog: Learn about education in holistic health and medicine fields.

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