50 Excellent Twitterers Providing Daily Health and Fitness Tips

by Linda on March 16, 2010

Have the 2010 Winter Olympics motivated you to get healthier and more fit? Then, how would you like to learn a new exercise every hour? Or, how about some ideas for a healthy dinner tonight? You can get all this information and more from the 50 excellent Twitter accounts in our list. These “Twitterers” provide daily (often hourly) health and fitness tips to anyone who cares to follow, providing a world of health channeled right to your computer or mobile phone.

The following list is categorized, and each Twitter account is listed alphabetically by its Twitter name within those categories. The links lead straight to the Twitter page where you can follow these health and fitness gurus immediately.

Overall Health

Mortality is correlated with both income and inequality.

  1. 2livehealthy: Robert Cortez shares daily healthy alternatives for good health and wellness.
  2. DailyHealthTips: These daily tips range from health to fitness and from nutrition to environment.
  3. DailyMeHealth: Get the top health news and columns covering diet, fitness, nutrition and more from aggregated sources daily through this Twitter account.
  4. DrWeil: Daily information on integrative medicine, natural health and well being from Dr. Andrew Weil.
  5. FamHealthGuide: Follow this account to get daily Tweets about health news, topical issues and well-being advice.
  6. HealthCoachTrng: Is health coach training for you? Find out when you follow Ann Totten.
  7. HealthHive: This is a groovy little Tweeter who focuses on daily advice, links, tips and solutions for health and well being.
  8. LaJollaHealth: An author and holistic health coach offers daily links, tips and inspirational quotes.
  9. lifemojo: Follow this user to learn daily tips about health, weight loss, nutrition, fitness and wellness.
  10. MoreGoodYears: The Prevention Plan from U.S. Preventive Medicine is your personalized roadmap to a stronger, healthier, more-fit you.
  11. RL_Fitness: Get a daily dose of healthy living tips and secrets from this Twitter user.
  12. teamintraining: Follow up for daily tips on training, nutrition, health and fitness.
  13. today_health: Sign up to receive daily health news, tips, product reviews and more.
  14. WSJHealthBlog: The Wall Street Journal has built a great reputation in the health department. Follow their Twitter account to see why.
  15. yourhealthtips: Mike Miller offers daily health tips and services for his readers.



  1. FitnessJedi: Let the Fitness Jedi deliver daily news, information tips on diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle to your computer.
  2. FitnessMagazine: Healthy tweets daily from your favorite Fitness magazine editors.
  3. fitnesstips4you: Fitness tips for everyone on a daily basis.
  4. HealthFit2Day: Enjoy daily health and fitness news, ideas and connections for better living and for a longer life.
  5. JoeGigantino: Joe Giganto is a fitness, motivation, wellness, inspiration, workout visionary and entrepreneur. Follow to get daily advice on health and fitness.
  6. JumpSnap_Nation: Get fit with the JumpSnap and join a community that shares daily inspiration and fitness and wellness tips.
  7. KinesiologyIE: Learn more about the benefits provided by Kinesiology and enhance your health, self-esteem and well being.
  8. mindfulmuscle: Chris Willitts is the founder of Mindful Muscle, a site that provides information/instruction on elevating the mind and body through meditation, yoga, and mindful strength training.
  9. one80dotcom: Although this Twitter account is a ‘health fitness diet,’ the focus is on fitness and how food contributes to that physical health.
  10. PulseonFitness: Shape up with the freshest tips, tricks, tools and training aids gathered daily from the best sites around the Web.
  11. PumpFitness: Pump Fitness out of Texas offers daily physical health tips, supplement discounts and fitness programs.
  12. twittercize: Get fit one Tweet at a time with Ron S. Doyle. He delivers hourly exercises that take less than one minute to execute.



  1. chefbrookecooks: Follow Chef Brooke for a daily dose of recipes, organic food and natural medicine tips.
  2. dancinginlife: Diana Herrington offers daily information about health, especially on gluten-free diets and nutrition.
  3. drbloem: Fred Bloem, MD, is a holistic physician who concentrates on a holistic approach to detoxification and weight loss.
  4. Health360: A daily focus on health and nutrition needs from Health 260.
  5. idietandfitness: This new account already has over 4,000 followers and growing. Learn about diets, nutrition, health and fitness from their daily tips.
  6. lifelonghealth: This Twitter account is maintained by an ex-county health inspector, food QA scientist and health and nutrition addict.
  7. MediterraneanDi: This is the Twitter account for a Mediterranean Diet blog, offering daily tips and links for the Mediterranean healthy lifestyle.
  8. RawNatureboy: “Nick Stern Raw Vegan” is a longevity expert and superfood enthusiast. He also is a former competitive bodybuilder with a passion for health, nutrition and fitness.
  9. starlightlife: Gina is a mind-body-nutrition educator, coach and blogger who helps people see their relationship with food from a more peaceful and compassionate perspective.
  10. WtLossDoctor: Doctor-directed weight loss, health coach, nutrition consulting, positive life builder tips from Dr. David Alan.
  11. YourDailyVegan: Pure veganism, with no apologies from Charleen, your vegan evolutionary extraordinaire.
  12. yournutrition: Get daily tips and links from Vicki Berry, a self-professed “nutrition nut and supplement queen.”

Special Audiences

Pregnant women

  1. besthealthmag: Canada’s health magazine for women brings daily health, nutrition and life tips for its followers.
  2. DailyFitnessTip: Get your fitness tips on the go with this Twitter account for women.
  3. Fitness4Her: Karen Ficarelli is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist for women.
  4. marchofdimes: Daily pregnancy tips from Beverly Robertson, National Director, Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center at the March of Dimes.
  5. mens_fitness: Men’s Fitness Magazine offers daily Tweets on male health and fitness, strength and endurance.
  6. MensHealthMag: This is the official Twitter account for Men’s Health Magazine. Enjoy daily tips, guidelines and more for male fitness and health.
  7. PsychDigest: Sign on with PsychDigest to receive daily psychology-based tweets that make you think about good stuff!
  8. RealAge: What’s your real age? Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz invite you to live life to the youngest, no matter your age, through daily tips, recipes and news for longevity.
  9. Shape_Magazine: Shape Magazine offers the latest health, fitness and fashion tips on a daily basis for women.
  10. VitalityDoctor: Follow Dr. Marilyn Joyce for daily health tips that will energize you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  11. WomensHealthMag: Women’s Health could be your ultimate guide to looking and feeling great through the latest in health, fitness, sex, beauty wellness tips daily.

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