50 Essential Web Resources for Health Educators

by admin on April 06, 2010

If you are interested in teaching about health care and helping others learn more about health care and health careers, you can enhance your ability to provide good information with the help of many of the resources available online. If you are a health educator, you can look online for support, advice and helpful hints. Here are 50 web resources that can help health educators:

Teacher and Health Professional Communities

health teacherInteract with other health care professionals, including health educators. These communities are designed to help you find others like you, providing a support system and allowing you to share your knowledge.

  1. P.E. Central: If you are interested in physical education, you can visit this community for lesson ideas, videos and interaction.
  2. Behavior OnLine: This is a place for those working in mental health and behavioral science to meet. Includes helpful information for those teaching in these areas.
  3. HealthTeacher: This is a great community that focuses on bringing community education to more people, and offers access to teaching resources.
  4. Nurse.com: A great community of nurses. If you are nurse looking to teach health education, or are interested in other issues, this is a great resource.
  5. NurseConnect.com: Connect with other nurses, including nurse educators. A helpful place full of information and resources.
  6. DoctorsLounge: This is a great community of doctors. Visit here to get good insight.
  7. LGH Junior Doctors Community: This Facebook community offers help to young doctors, and can provide resources for those looking to teach health related subjects.

Health Professional Organizations and Publications

health professionalJoin a professional organization for helpful insight, support from a variety of professionals in different health careers.

  1. National Commission for Health Education Credentialing: If you are interested in obtaining certification as a health education specialist, this site is the place to go, offering news, information and standards related to teaching about health.
  2. National Association for Sport and Physical Education: Professional health educators can visit this site to learn more about education and join a professional organization.
  3. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD): Get helpful information and access to funding and resources for your health education program.
  4. National Education Association: Join this national teacher organization to find support and information on education.
  5. American Journal of Health Education: Learn what is happening in the world of health education, and get tips on better teaching.
  6. Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow: An organization dedicated to helping nurse educators.
  7. National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service (NAPNES): Learn about educating nurses, and find out more about nursing education.
  8. Health Education Journal: Keep up with what is happening in the world of health education with this journal.
  9. Education for Health: This open access e-journal provides helpful insight on health and health education.
  10. Education Week: Get helpful information on trends in education, and get some good ideas for teaching different health concepts.
  11. Journal of Teacher Education: Learn how to become a teacher, and keep up with the latest in teacher development.
  12. The National Teaching & Learning Forum: This regular publication offers helpful information on teaching.
  13. Second Life Education Wiki: This interesting resource teaches you how to use Second Life to connect with other teachers and resources.

Reference Sites

Health classroomLearn more about health education, health care professions and other topics that might be of use to health educators.

  1. Health Educators: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a helpful reference sheet on health education, and the job description of health educators.
  2. School Health Education Resources: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a helpful guide and resource for teachers who teach health related subjects.
  3. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Free resources from federal agencies on a number of different subjects, including health.
  4. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: A great reference site from Discovery School on different health and fitness subjects.
  5. PBS Teachers: Find good ideas, references and other information on teaching, including some helpful tips on teaching health and science.
  6. What is Public Health?: Learn more about public health, its impacts and how to be a better teacher on public health issues.
  7. I Love That Teaching Idea!: Head to this site if you want some cool teaching ideas and tips, including for health topics. Submit your own and help others.
  8. Health Education: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Use: Learn about stress and depression, and how you can teach about it more effectively.
  9. TeacherVision: Offers a number of helpful resources and printables for those teaching health and nutrition.
  10. The Teacher’s Corner: Provides some helpful lesson plan resources for those who teach health and nutrition.

Teacher and Health Professional Forums

health classTalk to health professionals, educators and others involved in health and wellness. Find valuable insight on issues you are facing, and lend a hand to others as well.

  1. ProTeacher Community: Forums and message boards surrounding different aspects of education, and different grades — including health education.
  2. Teaching Forum: This great forum is from the U.K., and offers some great insight from other teachers interested in helping each other be more effective.
  3. The Education Forum: A great forum for teachers involved in a number of subjects, including health.
  4. HealthBoards: Forums and message boards on a number of health related issues. Also includes helpful hints for health educators.
  5. ehealth forum: A great place to get questions answered about different health subjects.
  6. Student Doctor Network Forums: Educational community for doctors, aspiring doctors and health educators.
  7. Nat Med Talk: This provides an interesting resource for those interested in teaching community classes on natural medicine.

Online Education Communities

If you are involved with online health education, you can join one of the many online education communities. Find answers to questions and share your own wisdom.

  1. Tapped In Home: This is a community for online educators from around the world.
  2. New Teachers Online: Great resource for teachers, especially new teachers. Online courses and information.
  3. Online Teaching: This e-teaching community provides helpful insight for health educators and others who teach online.
  4. Learning Resources Network: Find out about teaching online, and how to be a more effective online teacher.
  5. The Babb Group: Includes resources, forums and more in this online teaching community.
  6. TeachersOnline: Community for online teachers and educators in a variety of subjects.

Health Educator and Health Care Jobs

P.E. equipmentThere are jobs out there for health educators, and for others involved in various health care fields. These sites can help you find a job in a health field.

  1. TopUSAJobs.com: Look for physical education teacher jobs from this site, including head swim coach, college soccer coach and more.
  2. USREAP: Find specific P.E. teacher jobs with the help of this site.
  3. Teacher Jobs: Look for different teaching jobs across the country, including in health education.
  4. Teachers.net: Find jobs and career hints on this site, including health teacher jobs.
  5. Simply Hired: Offers a look at nurse educator positions.
  6. Medhunters: Provides a helpful list of nursing jobs, including nurse educator jobs.
  7. FlipDog: Offers listings for hospital teaching jobs. Be a teacher in a hospital setting.

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