Top 10 Free Open Courseware Classes for Teachers

by admin on September 23, 2009

Open courses for teachers keep a distinct place for itself among all the courses provided free online. Open Course Wares aimed for teachers happens to be exclusive in respect that they are to be of higher quality content wise and of effective intellectual propensity.

Event Streaming Web Media
Offered by Princeton University, these courses are offered as archived lectures for academic, administrative and instructional needs of educators.

Educational podcasts for teaching and learning
This is the website for the first time in the United Kingdom with 450 carefully selected  podcasts channel for the educational purposes and learning activities with children, young people and educational professionals. There are nearly 5000 podcasts from various channels.

Open Course Ware USQ
The Course Ware is provided by University of Southern Queensland’s Open Course Ware (USQ OCW) with free and open educational resources for faculty members, students and self learners thorough out the world.

Stanford on iTunes
Standford on iTunes is an innovative approach adopted by Stanford University which provides learning and lectures on Stanford related digital audio content through the iTunes Store for academic as well as recreational purposes. The site is divided into two projects, one for public access and another part restricted only for Stanford Community, only.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere
Stanford is providing some of the best course as offered by its engineering department to students and educators around the world absolutely for free. Under the courseware you can access to video, access reading lists, handouts, quizzes and tests to communicate with the SEE students.

World Lecture Hall
World Lecture Hall provides links to the courseware created by faculties around the world to be delivered in any language. Courses are provided for online as well as hardware educational purposes.  The courseware is equally preferred by faculty, developers and enthusiast students alike.

Tokyo Tech Open Course Ware
This courseware provides access to free course material for users around the world in 30 programs ranging in science and technology, science and engineering and Information Science and Engineering.

Tufts Open Course Ware
This particular course as offered by Tuft University tries to capitalize on the basis of offering courses in dental medicine, medicine, nutrition science & policy, multilateral negotiation, veterinary medicine, arts & sciences.

United Nations University

This is the list of variety of courses offered under Open Course Ware as related to day today working of the United States. Courses are offered in variety of disciplines like Software Technology, Water, Environment and Health, Innovation and Technology.

University of the Western Cape
University of the Western Cape that is supportive of free open source and course ware provide them for the educational purposes. Now it is supporting unanimous goal of providing free open source software and educational resources.

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