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September 2009

Top 10 Free Open Courseware Classes for Teachers

by admin on September 23, 2009

Open courses for teachers keep a distinct place for itself among all the courses provided free online. Open Course Wares aimed for teachers happens to be exclusive in respect that they are to be of higher quality content wise and of effective intellectual propensity.

Event Streaming Web Media
Offered by Princeton University, these courses are offered as archived lectures for academic, administrative and instructional needs of educators.

Educational podcasts for teaching and learning
This is the website for the first time in the United Kingdom with 450 carefully selected  podcasts channel for the educational purposes and learning activities with children, young people and educational professionals. There are nearly 5000 podcasts from various channels.

Open Course Ware USQ
The Course Ware is provided by University of Southern Queensland’s Open Course Ware (USQ OCW) with free and open educational resources for faculty members, students and self learners thorough out the world.

Stanford on iTunes
Standford on iTunes is an innovative approach adopted by Stanford University which provides learning and lectures on Stanford related digital audio content through the iTunes Store for academic as well as recreational purposes. The site is divided into two projects, one for public access and another part restricted only for Stanford Community, only.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere
Stanford is providing some of the best course as offered by its engineering department to students and educators around the world absolutely for free. Under the courseware you can access to video, access reading lists, handouts, quizzes and tests to communicate with the SEE students.

World Lecture Hall
World Lecture Hall provides links to the courseware created by faculties around the world to be delivered in any language. Courses are provided for online as well as hardware educational purposes.  The courseware is equally preferred by faculty, developers and enthusiast students alike.

Tokyo Tech Open Course Ware
This courseware provides access to free course material for users around the world in 30 programs ranging in science and technology, science and engineering and Information Science and Engineering.

Tufts Open Course Ware
This particular course as offered by Tuft University tries to capitalize on the basis of offering courses in dental medicine, medicine, nutrition science & policy, multilateral negotiation, veterinary medicine, arts & sciences.

United Nations University

This is the list of variety of courses offered under Open Course Ware as related to day today working of the United States. Courses are offered in variety of disciplines like Software Technology, Water, Environment and Health, Innovation and Technology.

University of the Western Cape
University of the Western Cape that is supportive of free open source and course ware provide them for the educational purposes. Now it is supporting unanimous goal of providing free open source software and educational resources.

Top 10 Nurses to Follow on Twitter

by admin on September 14, 2009

Twitter that has established itself to be the one of the best social media and micro blogging sites is frequently surfed and twitted by a variety of professionals from a wider range and classified section of the society. Nurses are one of the mass community which tweets on Twitter about their services and profession. Following is the list of some of the best nurses on Twitter who are serving health care community at large.

1. Misty Turner
She is the director of the well known website on nursing Her other interests are politics, social media and networking.   Her website, is production source for Nursing Spectrum and NurseWeek which is a leading center for national nursing news, nursing jobs and nurse continuing education provided by Gannett Education that is an award winner accredited provider of nursing education.

2. Vickie Milazzo
Vickie L. Milazzo a resident of Houston, Texas is renowned pioneer of legal nurse consulting as well as a best selling author. She is fonder and president of Vickie Milazzo Institute that is pioneering institute in legal nurse consulting since 1982.  As an educational authority in legal field, she constituted the first national certification for legal nurse consultants in 1994.

3. Carl Lowe
This is a legal nurse consulting program launched by a nurse who was a clinical nurse since for over 24 years.  She has experience of working at ICU, CCU, Telemetry, OB, Neonatal Intensive Care, Newborn Nursery, Recovery Unit and Risk Management. And from 1997 she has work experience with prominent legal firms in Philadelphia and an Independent legal nurse.

4. Christian Nurse
This is a great site with origination from London, England with a good number of news and views on nursing and other health related topics. Its fellowship is entertained and joined by Christian Nurses and Midwives to encourage health professionals in faith, clinical practice, ethics and outreach.

5. Bob the Nurse
She is a psychiatric nurse currently employed with a mental health drug team.

6. Working Nurse
It is an out of the box place for nurses to find out job vacancies and articles related to their profession. is a companion website of Working Nurse magazine that is directly mailed to RNs in Southern California since 2003.  It has ‘My Working Nurse’ page to save your resume, cover letters and application history and favorite articles. The website is published by Rhodes Publications, Inc which has extensive experience in the recruitment in the advertising field.

7. Nurse Ausmed
Proprietary of Ausmed Conferences Pvt. Ltd. formed in 2002 the company provides exclusive services for nurses like conferences, seminars, study days, symposium and tailored in service education.

8. Minority Nurse
This is a great website for diversified nursing community in America for education, career and nursing developments. In the United States African, Hispanic, Native American and Filipinos consists of 10% of overall nursing community.

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) is the national association
Committed to patient’s safety in the surgical atmosphere, it is the premier institution for nurses where they can have guidance as well as networking and resource sharing opportunities.

10. Jude Smith
Operating from the Stoneham, Mass she is nursing consultant with more than 30 years of experience in starting, owing and managing a successful nursing agency. Her experience is quite useful for any nurse to start a business of her own.

Masters in Health Education

by admin on September 01, 2009

The only way to further your education and get a better job in the health industry is to do Masters in Health Education. The health industry is growing at a fast rate and there has been a great demand for personnel in that field. Many people today are taking up nursing as a career in the health field and upgrading it once they have had enough experience. The numerous advantages of a masters health education is that an individual can be allowed to specialize in different areas meaning that you can get better careers with huge responsibilities and hefty salaries.

A Masters in health education will widen your scope of knowledge on supervision, managerial and administrative duties. Pursuing a degree in this field will get you conversant with the business aspects of the healthcare industry. Incase you are wondering which the best graduate programs are; they are:

Masters in Health Administration (MHA)
If you want to become a healthcare administrator in charge of overseeing the executive duties in healthcare facilities you can take this course. The coursework in this program is aimed at training the student on how to operate a healthcare facility.

Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Registered nurses take up this program when looking to become nurse administrators or managers. The students get to study about healthcare economics, management, organization development and many others.

Master’s of Public Health (MPH)
A masters in public health is basically about the public health, HIV/AIDS, domestic issues and community health. Most of the coursework is aimed at covering the issues related with the things that happen to people’s lives everyday concerning health. In this course no managerial or business skills are taught, but the person can be employed in any healthcare facility.

These courses are readily available online, you do not have to use the traditional way of learning to acquire your masters. A masters in this field comes as an advantage even if you choose to work privately. In the healthcare industry you need to know about environmental health and resolutions to health and disease prevention. All these are taught in the program.